Residential Care Home for Young Adults

Preston, Lancashire

We work with young people to prepare them for a successful transition from being looked after to becoming independent adults in the community. The service is very much needs led and as such there is an on-going assessment of each young persons’ needs in order to equip them with the skills they will need in order to build successful adult lives.


Our Aim

Poppy Fields Care aims to be more than just a residential care home for young adults. We would like our young people to feel happy and at home whilst resident at Bromelia House in Preston, Lancashire. Above all, our care and support is based on the needs of each person, their dignity and individuality.

Bromelia House

Holistic Approach

A large three bedroom house with two bedrooms available to young people to preserve quality of care and individualised care for each young person. Bromelia House is a short to long term residential home for young adults providing a holistic approach to care.

Traditional Values

While complying with all modern requirements for residential and care accommodation at Poppy Fields Care, our home in Preston (Bromelia House) believes above all in traditional values for enhancing the quality of life for the young people in our care.


Individual Needs

Bromelia House is designed wholly around the needs of young people. That's why we give emphasis to the twin qualities of respect and tolerance. From providing basic daily support to going beyond the guidelines set in the comprehensive 'National Standards', our home is driven by the individual needs of our residents.

Feel at home

Our friendly staff and family-based atmosphere invite the residents to relax and enjoy their stay. Above all, we are firmly committed to making everyone who stays with us feel completely at home.


Useful information

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